IP Training Program in Israel


A week after the AIPPI Conference in Tel Aviv, the Intellectual Property Resources Institute (Kim Lindy) is running a three day course:

Patents and Trade Secrets:
Course for Inventors, R &D, Project Managers and Managers

March 27, 2016: General Overview of Patents and Trade Secrets
March 28, 2016: In depth Analysis of Patentability Requirements and Enforcement
March 29, 2016: Strategy, and Facilitating Communications with Patent Attorney

For more details, click here.

We note that this event is more expensive than the AIPPI conference which itself is not cheap. Kim’s conferences are usually very well organized and informative. I am familiar with many of the speakers and believe that this event will be informative and worthwhile for participants.

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  1. Just a comment to Michael’s post about the cost of Patents and Trade Secrets. Please note that this is a course not an event or conference. This is an intensive three day course on IP specifically designed to give R & D, inventors, project managers and managers a better understanding of IP so that they can work more effectively with their IP team for the good of their company.
    Equivalent courses abroad cost, at an approximation, double, and that would not include airfare or accommodation. The majority of the faculty of the course is from abroad and therefore the advantages of having this course in Israel without having to travel is clear. Aside from that, the fact that the faculty are all experienced professionals and impressive lecturers adds immense value.
    If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to contact me at kim@ipresources.co.il.

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