Sky Lights


Sky Light (Shen Zhen) LTD filed International Trademark Registration Number 1196460 under Madrid, designating Israel among other countries. The mark is Skypix as shown above. The Israel Application No. is 264078.

The mark, covers computer peripheral devices; portable telephones; scanners (data processing equipment); video recorders; camcorders; cameras (photography); projection apparatus; telescopes; remote control apparatus for domestic use; battery chargers all in Class 9.

On 26 July 2015 the mark was allowed and published for opposition purposes. A notice to that effect was sent to the international Office at WIPO, noting that the deadline for oppositions was 30 October 2015.

On 26 October 2015, Sky International AG opposed the mark and the international Office at WIPO was informed and a copy of Sky International AG’s statement of case was sent to them.

The Applicant had two months, until 26 December 2015, to respond. However, no response or counter-statement was submitted.

Conseequently, under Section 24(e) of the Israel Trademark Ordinance 1972 Sky Light (Shen Zhen) LTD is considered as having abandoned their mark, and as per regulation 37 of the Trademark Ordinances 1940, they are considered as not disagreeing with the allegations made in Adidas’ Statement of Case. The Opposition is accepted and Israel Trademark File No. 264078  is considered closed.

The Israel Patent Office will inform WIPO of this decision.


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