First Prize

The Israel Patent Office holds an annual competition for student essays on IP matters.


The first prize will be awarded on an appropriate occasion to Ms Chani Rottstein Cohen of the Law Faculty at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for her essay entitled Standard Essential Patents, Current Policy and Suggested Improvements”.

holy grail

The second prize is awarded to Udi Avram of Haifa University for his essay “Design Registration, a Two-Edged Sword of the Holy Grail of Intellectual Property Law”


I’ve never done any work on standard essential patents. Clearly designs for circumcision knives, kiddush cups and other holy chalices are registerable as designs, but the closest I’ve come is some pending applications for disposable plastic tableware.

The essays, in Hebrew, are on the Israel Patent Office website here, and the deadline for submission for this year’s competition is 16 October 2016 at 12:00 Noon.

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