Megillat AIPPI

Megillat Esther      scroll-of-esther-megillah.jpg

ויהי בימי אחחלינג, הוא אחחלינג המולך

And it was in the days of AxaXling , that AxaXling (this is an unpronounceable name in Klingon which is commonly rendered as אסא קלינג  in Hebrew, and as AxaXling in the Authorized version, derived from the Vulgate) who ruled from Patents to Trademarks, 127 Examiners!

Spok toilet

In those days, AxaXling got up from his throne in Jerusalem the Eternal Capital. In the fifth year of his reign, the AIPPI made a conference, for all the private practitioners and for his servants examiners, for the hosts of RCIP and Teva and for foreign dignitaries; to show the startupiness of the Kingdom jurisdiction, and the luxuriousness of its beachfront palace hotel and conference facilities in the business capital. The feasting extended for three days (if you include the invitation only cocktail reception for committee members and speakers).

david intercontinental

And after the first day of conferencing, the committee, commissioner, private practitioners from the large and small firms had another banquet in the hall of the beachfront palace hotel. Marble and wood-paneling, glittery chandeliers and expensive upholstery, silver-ware and porcelain,  gourmet food and wines in various and different sized wine-glasses.

And though there was wine and food aplenty, no one was forced to drink or break their diets, everyone could eat what they like. (And to the credit of the organizers, the food was all Kosher which is not something one can take for granted at AIPPI events or, indeed, at events hosted by some of the local profession).

…גם עינב המלכה עשתה כנס


And Queen Einav made a mini-conference for the the IPAA, (Israel Patent Attorney’s Association)  with a shorter achronym, in the beachfront palace hotel or rather on behalf of the IPAA for entrepreneurs. Those who offer services to entrepreneurs helped put program together but were not to speak, so as not to disadvantage those speaking in the main program other IPAA members who weren’t interested in putting together the program anyway.

In total, 102 speakers and committee members, counting those of the committee who are speaking twice, as they counted themselves twice.

In the seventh preliminary committee meeting, after drinking too much wine or just demonstrating poor judgment, the eunuchs satraps on the committee decided to parade themselves before the attendees by both introducing and by summing up, by introducing speakers, AND also chairing plenums and as speakers themselves, to show the profession and the guests their erudition and that the sun shines out of their rear ends.  And since by monopolizing the event they squeezed out others from taking a part, the fraternity voted with their feet and numbers attending were less than advertized in advance, and less than claimed.

blind justiceAyelet Shaked

And the Queen of Justice presented Israel’s Ascendence to the Marrakesh Treaty, for Justice is Blind.

Parvin anand.jpg

A session on IP Trends in Asia spanned from India to China was moderated by my good mate and respected Patent Attorney Parvin Anand of AnandandAnand and included eminent Chinese speakers Guangliang ZHANG and Deqiang ZHU (and I can’t pronounce the names either).

In Parallel, was a session on INNOVATIVE HEALTH CARE, moderated by [at this point it is traditional to take a deep breath and to read the rest of the paragraph in one go without stopping]:

  • Dr. Sharon Hausdorff the Deputy General Patent Counsel of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd and with speakers including:
  • Dr. Cornelis (Kees) Schüller, Group Head of Patents, Intellectual Property Department, Nestec SA, Vevey, Switzerland
  • Dr. Aharon Schwartz, Consultant, former Head of Teva Innovative Ventures;
  • Ms. Michal Rosen-Zvi, IBM Director for Health Informatics on WATSON;
  • Mr. Guido Benjamin Pardo-Roques, President & CEO Philips Israel, CEO Philips Medical System Technologies and
  • Mr. Yakov Litzman, Minister of Health – who was the only one to come in a Purim costume).


Said Mr Litzman being controversial for banning exports of medical marijuana and for referring to unorthodox ritual immersions as Jacuzzis, but the least said about that, the better.

geographical indications.jpg

In yet another parallel session, Trademarks and Geographical names was discussed, moderated by Howard Poliner, and featuring Mr. Massimo Vittori and Adv. Raimondo Galli both Italian sounding, Craig Thorn on behalf of the Consortium for Common Food Names trade organization (CCFN) neither of which sound Italian, and Ms Jacqueline Bracha the Deputy Commissioner who doesn’t sound Italian either, but who generally dresses with an Italian sense of fashion and style.

Adv. Raimondo Galli is apparently an Avvocati, but any similarity to egg-flip is purely coincidental.

Meanwhile, despite being used for branding oranges from South Africa and Australia as well as from Israel, thereby ensuring round the year supply, Jaffa remains an indication of origin, although boycotters harm South African and Aboriginal workers and not just Thais and Palestinians.


After more dining with salmon, mushroom risotto, stew and shredded salt beef sandwiches, salads, and desert, there was a session on interplay between IP Law and Competition Law. Judge Professor Ofer Grosskopf spoke on this topic. He was the big head who innovatively ruled that Sanofi should give a share of their profits to Unipharm whose generic Plavix launch failed, despite the first competing generic being Teva’s and there is a second case pending against Smith Kline Beecham for similar behavior.  (I was pleased to note that this was under Appeal and that class actions were filed as I had predicted that this would happen).

Other speakers included Judge Iris Soroker on parallel importation, who seemed to buy into the Social justice demonstrations (not realizing that they were largely a phenomenon based on student boredom and free rock concerts). Dr Jurgen Dressel of Novartis Pharma spoke on secondary pharmaceutical patents, and Adv. Yonatan Cwikel on reverse payment settlements.

Meanwhile in parallel to the parallel importation, there was a session on Medical Devices and IP moderated by Dr Ilan Cohn who wasn’t sparing himself in his efforts on behalf of the conventioneers. Prof Beyar with a ludicrously long set of letters after his name took the long road from innovation to profit. Moshe Mizrahy of Home Skinnovation went from start up to Nasdaq, and Dr Richter of Medinol was billed as speaking on enforcing patents as a preparation for prosecution which sounds like a Purim shpiel as the rest of the world prosecutes patent applications and then enforces them. (However, the talk was very good).

Major general

Erez Kaminitz is the Very Model of a Deputy Atorney General
waxed lyrical on plain packaging from policy public political;
His panelists included Prof Grotto, the Director of Services, Public Healthful;
And Michiel Reerink – Vice President of Japan Tobacco International;
Professor Gervais of Vanderbilt spoke on TRIPS from legislative perspective national, and Ms Sharon Givoni spoke of Plain Packaging in Australia and its impact past historical!

אחר הדברים האלה

After these events, Ehud Hausman moderated Monetization and IP (perhaps to give Ilan a break, as the poor guy must have been getting tired with all his hands-on moderation) whilst Ohad Cohen moderated IP and International Trade Agreements. The speakers were eminent but this conventioneer was having trouble staying awake.

After a coffee break to wake me up before we gogo, was the gala dinner.

I thought as a purveyor of fine teas, conference sponsor and general advanced plugger of the event three times on this blog and once in the newsletter, I was invited. Apparently not. As very few people (from checklist, about 30 or so, seemed to have signed up for it, and I’d anyway chatted up to everyone I was interested in seeing, I left for home and got a good night’s sleep in. I am told however, that the food was excellent and the wine, Yarden Hermon was from the Golan, so at least the hotel wasn’t boycotting wines from the Golan as apparently some Tel Aviv eateries do.

תחרות היופי כאשר טוב לב ביין

Dr Ilan Cohen introduced the guest speakers who were a pair of WOMEN entrepreneurs because it was a beauty contest in the Purim tradition despite the fact that there are very few of them, it’s politically correct and trendy to do so, though extremely patronizing to parade women simply because they are women.


Entertainment was provided by Quartertoukan, an Arab-Jewish Ensemble because it is politically correct, despite all the Arab stabbings of Jews that had occurred recently, not just in the historical capital but also in the business capital, indeed, on the promenade beach front by the beach front palace hotel including the killing of an American tourist.

Taylor force.jpg


שופט יהודי היה בתל אביב הבירה (לפחות לעסקים) ושמו ד”ר אמירם איש בנימיני

A Jewish judge was in the Business Capital, and his name was Dr. Amiram Benyamini, (retired) from District Court, Tel Aviv, a Binyamite who had adopted article clerks and trained them in IP law, spoke on Judicial Activism and Judge-Made Law in IP. Unlike Judge Melcer who favoured judicial activism, Binyamini opposed it. (He is correct and both Tsrori vs Regba and Rav Bareakh 2 were wrong rulings, but no doubt this explains why Melcer is on the Supreme Court, and Binymani isn’t).

And after a break, with more food and drink, there was a session on Service Inventions. The event was chaired by Adv. Liad Watstein.  This had nothing to do with him being a gold sponsor as the Chairperson assured me that speakers and sponsors were kept separate.Funnily, he was responsible for filing suit on behalf of the State of Israel vs. Omrix, with its apparent conflict of interest and strange golden goose killing strategy.

In parallel were changes in the European Patent System and the Future of Big Data, but I couldn’t be everywhere at once so can’t comment on substance.


I attended the mini-conference for entrepeneurs.

Arad-Ophir spoke about searching, but instead of limiting themselves to how to search and why to search which is within the competence of data searchers and others with librarian skills, the speaker explained why and when to search which were topics she knew little about and should be discussed with patent attorneys, but apparently the IPAA felt that it could unfairly advantage a patent attorney to have one of its members give the talk, so had Arad-Ophir speak, despite their entering domains they were not qualified to speak on.


Together with Heidi, I stood in for Einav who was double booked due to presenting in the main event.

עשה משתה

dinner   silicon wadi

This was followed by lunch, more eating and drinking, which was followed by session on Commercializing KnowHow and IP rights which was a salon style coordinated intra panel/audience discussion moderated by Yaakov Michlin the CEO of Yeda.

paul fensterravia.jpg

In parallel Paul Fenster moderated a session on building a winning and valuable patent portfolio and gave those had somehow missed him another chance to hear the High Priest and Chairperson. Meanwhile Haim Ravia, a fellow blogger (who works for Pearl Cohen who apparently sponsored the dish cloths on the first day) chaired an event about building a winning and valuable IP portfolio.

Professor Birnhack spoke about Enforcing Copyright Laws in the Digital Age and argued that copyright Law is largely irrelevant.

coffee break.jpg  coffee break 2.jpg

After a caffeine injection there were two sessions in parallel. One was on IP and Media and was moderated by Professor Birnhack in a salon style as a coordinated panel and audience discussion with Keshet professionals, with Avi Armoza who seems to develop and sell Israeli formats abroad, and Adv. Tony Greenman, a copyright expert. This session examining the story of successful formats and explained why, with 30 channels, you can watch the same rubbish reality programs that have nothing to do with reality as previously defined, in a choice of languages with a knock out competition featuring different but remarkably similar casts of 16 different singers, anorexic models in bikinis, bald overweight chefs and intellectualizing food experts or Very Important People that I’ve never heard of.

Patent attorneys wanting something more useful, if more boring, could flip the channel and watch a parallel session on Changes in the US Patent System.


The event finished with closing remarks and mutual congratulations by Co-Chairs Tal Band and Ilan Cohn with Dorit Korine, the organizer, and even more wine for those who hadn’t drunk enough.


A Mini Cooper iPad was raffled and Ed Langer won. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer practioner. I hope he finds it easy to park in the congested Tel Aviv area.

After the party was over, life goes on. Men in positions of power continue to abuse positions of power to extract sexual favours and women use their sexuality to advance their careers and to manipulate men. The Jews continue to survive despite Iranian attempts to eradicate them. Terror reigns, but Israel survives, and perhaps Belgium will as well. Peace remains a hope and dream.  Israeli newspapers gleefully note that a year on, most Israelis see an alternative to Netanyahu but admit that he is more popular than any competing politician.

trump  Hillary.jpg

And in the US, following the first black president, who apart from being the first black president, doesn’t seem to have achieved anything, we see what is developing into a two horse-race between a woman who couldn’t keep her husband in check who may be indicted for leaking state secrets who is competing against an elephant in the room who went off with a trumpety trump, trump trump trump, and regardless of who runs either country, no doubt pre-election promises will be broken, and there will be taxes to pay.

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