Merkaz Hametayel


Israel Trademark Application Number 252382 shown above is for providing service and online information in the field of trips, traveling, flights, travel paths; all of the above in connection to Thailand; all included in class 39. The mark is a stylized word mark for מרכז מטייל תאילנד which transliterates as Merkaz Metayel Thailand and means the Tourist Center Thailand. It was filed by Zadok Meshiach and Matityahu Zion and is opposed by Eran Mao, Yuval Lemon,, Lematayel-Hamerkaz Letiyulim LTD.

In a hearing of the evidence held on 23 February 2016, the parties showed a willingness to negotiate a settlement that would also arrange their future relations.

In the agreement that was presented to the Court for ratification, the Applicant undertook to voluntarily amend their application by changing the logo from that filed in 252382 to one stating Merkaz Metayel in Hebrew and English. A second agreed change to list “travel agents and restaurants” instead of the current list of goods was not acceptable to the patent office as the current application does not relate to restaurants at all.  However, Applicant may apply for restaurant services in class 43 on payment of the appropriate fee.

The parties are given 10 days to respond to this amendment ruling regarding Application 252382.

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