Following what has become an annual tradition, there is a Kosher IP Attorneys dinner at INTA this year. The proposed dinner will be at 7:30 pm on Monday, May 23rd  at the
Kosher Gourmet Restaurant,  4797 Suite A, W IrloBronson Memorial HWY, Kissimmee FL 34746   Mark Koffsky spoke with the owner and he will be expecting us.

This annual dinner has been memorable in the past and enables participants to have a decent Kosher meal before going clubbing mingling at business receptions where traditionally there is a lot to drink but for those that keep strictly Kosher there is typically very little to eat. You can register for this event here.  Everybody Jewish or philo-Semitic is welcome.

Note, the participants generally go ‘Dutch’.

Moshe Ben Porat has clarified with INTA and the opening reception and the Harry Potter finale will have Kosher food. Furthermore, apparently Dumpledore doesn’t merely have a rabbinic looking beard, but the food will be under rabbinic supervision and not some Mickey Mouse arrangement such as we had in Hong Kong.

I further understand that Colb’s annual Bar Mitzva is taking place on Tuesday, so there are Kosher options every night.


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