Flying to Orlando on 19th May by British Airways?

dover_train_mapI bought my plane tickets to INTA last night. My wife wanted to know what I had been waiting for. I suspect I was hoping for a major emergency excuse not to go. It seems an awfully long way to schlepp just to party network. Truth be told, we had both sides of the extended family on Friday – Saturday for a two-day Bar Mitzva at the end of Pesach, and that together with the usual pre-Pesach over-cleaning, etc. kept me fairly busy.

Anyway, I am flying to Heathrow Airport on 19th May and then 3 hours later from Gatwick Airport to Orlando. Unless some kind British reader has nothing better to do than to meet me and drive me over, I will take a taxi. (there are shuttles but the timing doesn’t work).

Even with the taxi, this still works out significantly cheaper than El Al, which is why I am not matmid – frequent flying. However, I don’t actually need a taxi to myself. I will be taking a suitcase full of gift wrapped PCTeabags so anyone else flying to INTA on the same flight who wants to share a taxi can be guaranteed to come up smelling of spearmint!

The cheapest flights are Royal Jordanian, which no doubt gives one a marvellous opportunity to shmooze with the Qumsieh delegation, but coming back one arrives in Jordan on Friday afternoon, and Miri, who has an Israel passport only declined to make the short drive over from where we live. I am making two connections to return to Ben Gurion Airport via Madrid with Iberian Airlines well before Shabbat, but avoid a 13 hour stop-over in London with nothing much to do except change airports. The airport change + renting a place to sleep at Heathrow would probably put the cost back up to what I am saving by not flying ELAL.

Anyway, I suspect that there may be enough of my faithful followers other Israeli practitioners that follow this blog flying British Airways to make this post a worthwhile gamble.  If I get inundated with responses, we can charter a plane or at least a coach for the connection. It will be a cozy opportunity to hone ones business card swapping skills before the great bun fight starts!

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  1. Instead of a cab, it will probably be cheaper to use ‘Uber’ or ‘Hailo’ for your Metro-London airport transfer.

    • Certainly don’t need black cab, but not sure I want to use something with no address or responsibility. Surprised that noone else has responded (apart from a friend who is Fedexing himself to INTA. I expected there would be others on this flight.

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