Z’Advocaat in Ze Cabinet

Advocaat in Cabinet

One of my avid readers writes as follows:

May I solicit some advice?
A couple of months ago I sat in a long meeting with a couple of overpaid, sorry, highly paid French lawyers in their own office.
Rather than interrupt the meeting for lunch, they ordered boxed lunches delivered to the office.
The invoice arrives, an behold, it includes the bill for 4 lunches – both client’s andlawyer’s lunch. Personally I think that a bit rich. I don’t see why I should pay for the attorney’s lunch in his own office, and that’s before I go off on a rant about the truly awful French food.
Should I call them out on this? What would be the accepted practice in Israel in a similar situation? Or in the UK? (I’m guessing in the US the client would be expected to tip the delivery boy).
I have a background in engineering, where this sort of behaviour would lose you every single client in 24 hours.
So what do readers think? Please comment.

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  1. Well, at the very least, they should have offered him a choice of food venue. Perhaps this is some sort of “no-hidden-fees” practise.

    Seriously, this is unheard of in NA and very poor business behaviour. Expenses such as these should either be absorbed by the firm or discreetly rolled into the bill under “miscellaneous”. (I am reminded of one large firm, who always served lunch gratis when needed yet had other foibles. One such was that we were expected to teach lawyers new to the technical topic and pay for the privilege of teaching them.)

  2. This is interesting. In Nigeria, the lawyers will definitely foot the bill for the lunch unless the client offered to take them out.

  3. In Israel, if the client was meeting at the Attorney’s office, the Attorney would foot the bill, it is part of the service one gives their client.

    If the meeting was at the client’s venue, then probably the client would pay for the food.


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