Hark the Herald Angels


I attend INTA to meet old friends and to make new ones. In a recent email exchange with UK trademark attorney and Cam-marks director, Dr Roman Cholij, I noted that I had missed him at INTA in Orlando.

He informed me that domestic issues had forced him to stay at home. It turned out that a daughet, Anastasia, was born on 25 December 2015. In the above picture one can see a blessing on her head, Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov.

Dr Cholij organized a conference in Cambridge last September under the auspices of st Edmund’s College, that was titled “Patents on Life: Through the Lenses of Law, Religious Faith and Social Justice – ‘defining the boundaries’” where I was honoured to speak. Previously, he spoke at a conference I organized with Machon Herzog on IP in Jewish Law where he spoke about IP in the Christian tradition.

I believe in ecumenical interfaith dialogue and in seeking knowledge wherever it may be found. I am also delighted to see the Cholij’s are being productive.

It turns out that Professor Jeremy Phillips was also born on Christmas day, but so long ago that he doesn’t remember it. There was apparently a Kat and at least one wise man present.

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