Finally On Line

Online.jpgAfter a painful attempt to get a working smart-card digital signature, the software installed on my computer, authorization letters digitally signed to the Israel Patent Office where the links to the standard letters and forms on the Patent Office Website didn’t work, I am finally able to file Powers of Attorney and responses to office actions and to pay patent office fees on-line.

It is wonderful…

hate windows 10.jpg

Or at least would be if Windows 10 installing itself against my wishes and orders hadn’t disabled my PDF generating and scanning software. Everything has to be uploaded as PDFs and my office computer is not cooperating. I have had my colleagues convert word files and scan things for me. I’ve done it myself at home on my home computer. I will try reinstalling software from the disks next week and have asked my 16-year-old geeky son who is doing a computer degree in parallel to high school to come in after his final exam and configure everything properly.

computer mouse trap.jpg

I would also like a side bar on the screen and maybe to teach the system that I don’t have a touch screen and do use a regular mouse so maybe it will start behaving as it used it and should. It would also be nice if I could restore the Control+V function to paste things I’ve cut.


What-Not-to-Say-in-a-Cover-LetterOne odd thing: On paying a renewal for a patent on-line, I typed in the file number and it told me how much to pay. I don’t need to print out the payment slip and send it with a covering letter manually to the Israel Patent Office as I had to until very recently. But why oh why does the system want me to upload a covering letter for the payment?


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