The Third Annual PCTea Party!


the mad hatter's tea party

For the last couple of years, around the Jewish New Year which falls in the autumn, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, IP Factor has held very popular PCTea Parties. The first one was held in 2014 in Cinema City, Glilot, and the second was held last year in Cinema City Jerusalem.

In the past, we were honoured to be able to present the one and only Professor Jeremy Phillips. However, unfortunately for the profession, Jeremy has now well and truly retired. This year we’ve decided to turn the AIPPI Bi-Annual International Conference in Milan into a giant PCTea Party. All participants will receive a freshly blended box of PCTea-bags that are carefully formulated to take away the stress of last53b4219b-e7ef-4e92-acba-79f861ed7394 minute PCTea filings. The unique formulation is also good for design and trademark stress and we’ve recently successfully tested it on copyright litigation. We believe that its mix of natural organic ingredients provides a healthy dose of anti-oxidants that will help regulate the blood pressure of all IP practitioners.

20160823_131027The tea may be drank hot or as iced tea during summer days.

We are shipping 2000 boxes to Milan so all participants in the International AIPPI Conference will be able to take back a box.


Please note that 2000 boxes, each containing 25 teabags is a mere 50,000 bags. Using a fresh bag each day, this will take me  135 years to drink my way through. Thus all participants are urged to take a box and try out in their offices.

Anyone wishing to discuss Israel related IP issues are welcome to contact us to set up a meeting.

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