The Kosher IP Dinner (KIPA) at INTA

kosher restaurantsAt the INTA Conference every year, the Kashrut observing practitioners try to get together for dinner one evening in a local Kosher restaurant. It is really a way to compare pita and humus followed by entrecote & chips at Chabad houses and Kosher restaurants around the world.

This year, INTA is in Barcelona, from 20th to 24th May.

kosher dining clubSo far, via the KIPA google group, we have 10 people who have expressed an interest in attending dinner, of which 4 can meet for supper on Sunday, 8 are available on Monday and 2 can meet on Tuesday. (I am not voting).

We usually get about 25-30 participants. Next year the conference is over Shavuot, so it this will be the last INTA KIPA dinner until 2019!

Although for obvious reasons, this event seems to attract Jewish practitioners, particularly those more committed to the dietary laws, the event is open to everyone. Occasionally someone sponsors, but generally we go Dutch. It makes a change from nibbling on raw vegetables and eating peanuts at the larger receptions.

days-of-week-song-gestures Anyway, assuming that most IP professionals that would be interested in this dinner follow this blog, I invite you to email me to register. I will put you in touch with the group, and by the middle of next week, we will select the day.

However, unless there is a surge of interest for Sunday or Tuesday, it does rather look as though we’ll be meeting Monday evening.

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