WIPO Innovention Rankings

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published their Global innovention Index 2017. which ranks nearly 130 countries for and economies around the world for innovention based on 81 indicators.

Israel ranks a very respectable 17th, up from 21st last year which makes Israel the regional leader in North Africa and Western Asia.

As a country established 70 years ago following a tragedy of unprecedented scale, with the Hebrew University established 99 years ago, and the Technion in 1912, and noting the small population, this is a massive achievement.

On the other hand, we should note that there are 16 countries that are considered ahead of Israel in terms of innovention.

True, there are categories that Israel leads in, but perhaps less hubris and more commitment to education and industry is in order. The Israel Minister of Education  ‎Naftali Bennett has spoken about how the army experience which gives young people responsibility, makes up for short-fall in the education system. It doesn’t. Israel’s schools do not provide a sufficient basis in science, technology or English.  There is room for improvement.

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  1. you do Israel, as presented in the report, a disservice.

    It seems that Israel is ranked first in export of ICT services, research talent, venture capital deals and number of researchers.

    Then again, the innovation efficiency ratio is only ranked 23.

  2. you could also have a look at the map found in Chapter 12 of the report about “innovation clusters”. It gives a good qualitative guideline where to file patent applications.

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