Forthcoming Best Practices in Intellectual Property Conference


The sixth Best Practices in Intellectual Property Conference organized by Kim Lindy’s Intellectual Property Resources is scheduled for 12 March 2018 at the Sheraton, Tel Aviv. The event is followed by a morning on master classes on the 13th. 

The conference is designed primarily to update in-house practitioners on IP global issues, trends and legislation that affect their company’s IP.

As usual Kim has lined up some prominent International in house IP managers, including Erich Andersen, the VP IP of Microsoft who will be presenting on “Intellectual Property Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence and the Future of IP”.  There is also a Mock PTAB Hearing on Patent Eligibility with a former PTAB Judge and sessions including:

  • “Selling” Company IP to Senior Management

  • Friend or Foe: Licensing vs. Litigation  The Ups and Downs of Licensing your IP vs. Litigating  

  • Accelerations, Examinations US and EU: Tips and Tricks

  • Bringing Down the Costs: IP Budget Planning. How to negotiate with your patent attorney; Analyzing your patent portfolio 

  • IP Protective Measures: Offensive v. Defensive Strategies

 The conference promises to teach practical tools, methods and new ideas that can then be applied by participants to their own companies. There is a focus on IP Portfolio Management and Strategy, and attendees have the opportunity to interact with the IP decision makers of the world’s most global and successful companies.

I have written up and critiqued previous conferences. See:

I am aware that the conferences have a team of leading in-house counsel that have a say on topics covered, so can only assume that the program is what they want or feel that that their contemporaries need. and as a patent attorney who manages the IP for his clients in a pro-active manner, and deals with trademarks, designs, trade secrets, budget issues, enforcement, and the wider issues, I find the conference valuable. Nevertheless, to my mind there should be a session on IP developments in Israel since the issue is of relevance to all participants, and there are several grudge fights between competitors in the same niche suing each other and opposing each other’s patents, such as Camtek & Orbotech, Hanita and Iscar, Israel Aircraft and Rafael, etc.


Having worked in close collaboration with leading in-house managers, such as Einav Zilber who was the head of the Association of Israel Patent Attorneys in Israel on a presentation for entrepeneurs that was presented in parrallel with the AIPPI Conference, I am aware of the lack of familiarity with local law, regulations and case-law that leading In-House Counsel have.  to put it bluntly, my role in the preparation of the presentation was to red-line slides that were to have been presented that were simply wrong. To put it another way, none of the in-house members of the committee would have passed the qualifying oral exam to be licenced in Israel without extensive revision.

The speakers and topics seem to repeat themselves from conference to conference, from year to year. The array of photos of the speakers is a little like flicking through a catalogue of suspect perps in an American cop series. Everyone is familiar. That is not to say that they are not competent. Just there is a feeling of deja-vu.

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