A one stop IP litigation and funding initiative


Kobre & Kim is a law firm specializing in IP investigations and litigation. They have secured the backing of Bentham IMF, and  have established an IP litigation fund with $30,000,000 in assets that is exclusively for Israeli litigants.

I’ve generally advised clients that they can either enforce their IP or manufacture, but can’t do both. With the establishment of this fund, it is possible for Israeli companies to consider enforcing patents and other IP rights against international players. Kobre and Kim do not draft or prosecute IP, so they are unlikely to have a conflict. They have offices across the US, but also in Seoul, London and Shanghai. Now they’ve opened a Tel Aviv office.

I went to the launch of this initiative this evening. I met a couple of old clients, a former partner and several IP practitioners. The event was held in a newish Tel Aviv venue, the Metropolitan, which is a black walled hall filled with vintage odds and ends, with a bar in the corner. The bar-people were making cocktails when I arrived, but also made me a cappuccino at the end of the evening. There was sushi, miniature pita breads with single felafel balls or sabeach. Michael Rosen and Robert Henoch spoke, as did Michael Ng from their West Coast office. They spoke briefly, introducing the firm and this initiative. Then miniature desserts were served.

The event was lighter than the sales pitches that Quinn Emanuel have put on in recent years. Participants were given presents on the way out. It was a nice cocktail party. Not too ostentatious but very professionally done.

I have had clients looking to enforce patents in the US and elsewhere, but not having the funds to do so. This initiative may make this possible.

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