Saudi Arabia to also use Gregorian calendar for Trademark due date calculation

HijriThe Ministry of Commerce and Investment in  Saudi Arabia has decided to implement the Gregorian calendar in addition to the Hijri calendar. It is expected that the Ministry will install a proper integration system by the end of 2018.

The purpose of this integration is to facilitate the correct calculation of the due dates and deadlines related to trademark, patent, and design applications and to reduce the error rate in dates conversions due to the differences between the two calendars.


In Israel, the government pays lip-services to the standardized Jewish calendar which is


a calculated lunar calendar with periodic adjustments (additional months added at the end of seven out of every 22 years) to the solar calendar, to keep festivals in season.

Dates are reported with Gregorian and Hebrew calendars, but deadlines are calculated according to the Gregorian. That said, they are postponed due to Patent Office closures, which follow the standardized Jewish Calendar.

Thus whilst not recognizing a religious importance in the Birth of Jesus, and Christmas is not an official holiday, the Gregorian year is followed.

With a large Moslem minority, Arabic is semi-official language as well. I for one am grateful that we don’t have to record deadlines in accordance with the Hijri calendar as well.

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