Palestinian Authority Now Accepts Online Trademark Filings

TmRAMALLAH – On 18 November 2018, the General Directorate of Intellectual Property in the Ministry of National Economy of the Palestinian Authority (which sometimes calls itself the State of Palestine) has announced that new trademark applications may now be filed online through its website.

According to the Registrar, the new online filing system went live on 13 November 2018. However, it is not fully operational and it is unclear how various transactions will be handled.


The Fatah controlled Palestinian Autonomy on the West Bank does not have effective control over the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. Marks need to be separately registered with each. There is no class for alcoholic beverages in the Gazan Strip. Stores in Jewish communities of the West Bank (Judea & Summaria) are effectively under Israel Law.

In the past, we’ve represented Israeli clients against Gazan importers of fraudulent construction goods bearing the trademarks of the Israeli clients. These could find their way into Israeli construction projects, and may well not meet the required specifications.

Trademark enforcement in this area is a little complicated.


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