The 7th Annual Best Practices in Intellectual Property Conference

Kim Lindy is once again offering her flagship IP conference and workshops for
in-house practitioners.

The conference is taking place at the Sheraton Tel Aviv on the 8th April. But due to the national elections, the high quality work-shops will be held the day before, on 7th April instead of on the day after the seminar, as in previous years.  We wonder if this will prove more or less popular. (We also wonder how this will affect the election results).

The program can be found HERE and this LINK will take you to the registration list.

The conference is directed to the 4th International Revolution, which is the term being used to describe the coming together of 5th generation mobile technology, the Internet of Things, nanotechnology, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology and three-dimensional printing.

I have done some consulting or drafting in all those fields over the past couple of years, except for quantum computing and robotics, but have done some quantum physics related stuff, so can concur that these things are coming.  It seems that the conference will enable participants to get a handle on the larger picture.

As always, there are some impressive keynote speakers, this time including the former Director of the USPTO, and some sessions designed to showcase the sponsors – who are the usual suspects.

Readers can find my musings and write-ups of previous Best Practice Conferences below:

As you can see, this is indeed the 7th and I have been privileged to attend every one.

1פקטור הדמיהAs sponsors of the PCTea breaks, we have negotiated a 10% discount on the entrance fees for the conference and PCTeacups and boxes of our special blend of PCTea will be available.

Please use the following codes to register:

Conference only – IPFCO
Conference & Master Classes – IPFCAM
Master Class Only – IPFMO
* These codes are valid for IP Factor readers only

How to register,

Navigate to
Scroll down to the registration form
Select the track you wish (ignore the pricing) Click Next
Next page you will be requested for your code
Type the code in the box and click on the APPLY button on the right
Before filling in the form be sure you clicked on the APPLY button.
Follow the next steps and fill in the form to register!

Looking forwards to seeing you!



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