IP Conferences and Seminars in Israel

Over the course of a week, from Tuesday 2nd April to Monday 9th April, there were four days of IP events in Israel.

israel patent officeThere was a seminar at the Israel Patent Office on Tuesday 2nd April that covered:

  • The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)
  • The patentability of software and business method patents in the United States
  • Big Data, the Internet of Thing, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:
    What to Patent, Whether to Patent
  • Trade-secrets and Patents

aippi-israelThen, on Wednesday 3rd April there was the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Israel chapter of the AIPPI, where, in addition to discussing the budget and not voting due to lack of quorum, and not having a ceremonial toast to the oncoming festival of freedom as they forgot the wine, there were two lectures:

  • Recent Trends in Art Law: “The role of archives and foundations” by Dr. Marco Greco Esq
  • The Informed User in EU Design Law”, by Adv. Carlo Sala

ipr-logo (1)On Sunday 7th April 2019, there were 5 different Master Classes offered by Intellectual Property Resources as part of their 7th Best Practices in Intellectual Property Conference.

The master classes included:

  • Preparing for and defending IP Diligence: Strategies to Maximize Value to Investors and for Exit.
  • More Than Technically Correct – A Workshop for Learning How to Gauge Whether A Patent Offers the Complete Package
  • David versus Goliath. Can Your company Make Money from Patent Litigation?  You have heard the stories, read accounts in the news.. but how does it happen without costing the company a fortune in advance?
  • Valuable Patent Prosecution: Tips and Traps (*Plus – Win a GoPro!)
  • The use of patent information in high-tech companies – Actual Case Studies from International High Tech Companies

Finally, on Monday 8th April, was the 7th Best Practices in Intellectual Property Conference itself, with a packed program and two separate tracks in the afternoon.

Thus over a period of 5 working days, there were four days of IP lectures in israel, offered by three different organizations.

Whilst arguably the Israel Patent Office event was aimed at patent attorneys, the final lecture on trade secrets was important for attorneys-at-law. The AIPPI event is open to IP professionals of different kinds, including but not limited to patent attorneys and IP lawyers. The lecture on art was fascinating and entertaining, if outside the practice of most IP professionals. The second lecture on design was, however, eminently practical and relevant. The Best Practices event was, as usual, patent heavy but did include a session on design patents and utility models as well.  It certainly caters to various people who are involved in IP Management that are neither patent attorneys nor lawyers.

All three events were aimed at similar if not fully overlapping audiences.

best practicesThe BPIP event seems to have held its numbers, but perhaps there were people who attended one of the other events who couldn’t take the time off to attend the BPIP. It is certainly possible that without everything else going on, they may have got larger numbers.

The AIPPI event attracted a grand total of 20 people if we include the lecturers, the Italian Trade Attaché and officers of the AIPPI, including the secretary, the treasurer and the chairperson.

The Israel Patent Office had about 60 people present, but this includes a fair number or examiners and other Israel Patent Office staff, the regional United States IP Attaché and USPTO staff.

Today, Tuesday 10th April, is Israel Election Day. It is not a regular day of work and employees have the day as a paid vacation day. Some patent attorneys are politically active in various parties across the spectrum. Children are off school. We have Pesach coming up in less that two weeks. 

Under the circumstances, it seems to me that having four days of IP lectures over a three-day period is less than sensible.

Kim Lindy can reasonably claim that her event is an annual one and it is always held in the run up to Pesach.  She first announced the Best Practices Conference in a mail shot on 30th January 2019. This was after the general election was called, but was well before the other two events were publicized. I assume she has people at the Israel Patent Office and on the committee of the AIPPI on her mailing list, but maybe she should have given them even more notice.

As Kim’s event attracts 150 + of the same people who the AIPPI and Israel Patent Office are trying to attract, why do either of them hold a competing event less than a week earlier?

I am not totally sure why the Israel Patent Office holds events such as this one, which should really have been held under the auspices of the AIPPI and/or the IPAA. Presumably, knowing how useless the professional representative organizations are, they decided to host themselves, and did a fairly good job of it.

Pepperoni Pizza 2In the coming days I will post reviews of all four events. In the meantime, I will just note that to my disgust, after my posting about the non-Kosher refreshments at the AIPPI event held in the lecture theatre of Reinhold Cohn, no-one from either AIPPI or RCIP saw fit to post a muttered apology. After all, the person who introduced the speakers was a KIPA wearing religious man, and a woman in the audience who works at TEVA had her hair covered as well. I don’t judge Kashrut observance by appearance and quite possibly others in the audience were put out by the non-Kosher food. That as may be, perhaps 50% of the potential audience would have been offended.  

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  1. Today the Election Day is APRIL 9 NOT 10

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