The Patent Paralegal A to Z

London A to ZKim Lindy’s IP Resources is running a two session course that claims to cover everything that a Patent Paralegal needs to know from A to Z.

Once upon a time, to get licensed to drive a black London Cab, a taxi driver has to do the knowledge, which was a test of where every street in London is, and how to get there.

Nowadays, with a program like WAZE on the mobile phone, this knowledge is obsolete. Except, of course, that ones battery tends to die just when you need it and the chargers that work on car vehicles and plug into the cigarette lighter tend not to work either.

Of course, Kim can’t be faulted for either of these developments. Indeed, at her Best Practices Conference 2018 I picked up a reserve power pack for charging mobile phones, and this year there were cordless rechargers being given out.

Anyway, as I have not attended the course and do not know Ms Liss, I cannot vouch for the syllabus or for her teaching abilities. However, Kim has been running these courses for some years now and they appear to be popular.

Thus for information purposes, with no reccommendations implied, the two day course for paralegals is running on  May 19th and 26th 2019, in Moshe Dayan Street 1, Haifa, 2nd  Floor, between 9:00 – 15:00.

Donna LissThis is how the lecturer, Donna J. Liss, MA, is being presented by Kim:

Ms. Liss is an experienced Intellectual Property Administrative Manager in the field for nearly two decades. She has been responsible for all aspects of managing and processing administrative aspects of an IP Portfolio; preparing and monitoring documentation, on line correspondence, monitoring expenses, verifying and monitoring deadlines both in Fortune 500 companies and private law firms.  Ms. Liss brings to the course not only her years of experience in IP but her in depth knowledge and experience as a teacher. In more than two decades she has developed the ability to instruct her students and in part difficult and complicated material in a simple and direct manner. IPR is delighted to welcome back Ms. Liss as the instructor of The Patent Paralegal A – Z Guide 2018.

Who Should Attend?

  • Novice Patent Paralegals (up to 1 year experience)
  • Experienced Patent Paralegals (over 1 year experience)
  • In House Patent Administrators
  • Formalities Assistants
  • Other Patent Support Staff
  • Persons who wish to become IP paralegals

The Program:

  • Overview of IP rights
  • Understanding the US, EP and PCT patent process
  • Review of IDS rules and procedures
  • Online Resources
  • US After-final procedure
  • The US appeal process
  • EP pre search communications, life of a file and oppositions
  • EP prosecution
  • Review of patent correction alternatives (certificate of correction, reissue, reexamination)
  • Abandonment and revival of US patent applications
  • IL procedures
  • Persons presently dealing with the company patent portfolio

For more information click here.


The program seems very extensive, so it is perhaps no surprise that space is limited.

The cost of the two day program is 5650 NIS + VAT. Not cheap, but perhaps not a lot of money when one considers the costs of IP screw-ups.

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