Oposition to IL 189712 to Camtek

CamtekOrbotech submitted an Opposition to IL 189712 to Camtek which was subsequently retracted on 4 March 2019. Following this, the Opposition proceedings were closed and the validity of the allowed application was considered by the Deputy Commissioner under Section 34 of the Law.

After reviewing the Opposer’s claims, the Deputy Commissioner issued a detailed report on 20 March 2019 explaining why there was prima facie evidence that the patent was invalid.

Under Section 74b of the Patent Regulations 1968, The Applicant was invited to respond within 30 days. The Applicant did not respond and consequently the patent is refused.

IL 189712 to Camtek  Ex-partes Ruling by Ms Bracha, 13 May 2019


OrbotechThis is the latest round of a long running battle between Orbotech and Camtek.

In previous skirmishes, Camtek managed to oppose or invalidate Orbotech patents. See here and here.

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