About Michael

Born in the UK, Michael Factor made aliyah in 1994. He is a licensed Israel Patent Attorney with numerous professional affiliations including the IPA, the AEA, INTA, LES and the AIPPI.

Factor has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an M.Eng. in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College, London, and an LL.B. (Law) from the Ono Academic College, Israel.

Factor is a keen ornithologist. Other hobbies including conjuring, chess and Scrabble.

Factor has very wide experience in drafting patent applications and representing clients before the local and international patent offices.

Additionally, He has a blog, the IP Factor https://blog.ipfactor.co.il/ with several thousand hits a month, making it the most popular Israel IP resource.


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  1. Dr. Factor – I just came across your review of my book, IP, Entrepreneurship, and Social Justice. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and I would like to read the entire review (I was only able to access a portion of it). I have in the mean time subscribed to your blog – I look forward to following your work.

    Lateef Mtima

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