cancellation proceedings

Co-op Shop Again

Back in February we reported on the Co-op Shop Decision. Essentially, in light of an early registrations for Co-Op and Super Co-Op trademarks, both owned by Mega Retailers who had bought out Blue Square, the Co-op Israel Supermarket Chain LTD… Read More ›

Big Deal

Israel trademark Application Number 131862 to H.A.B. Trading LTD is for the words “BIG DEAL” for Shop services for toys, kitchenware, disposable articles, houseware, clothing for children, and drawing books in class 25. Yidiot Internet filed a request to have… Read More ›

Competing Confectionary

The Krasnyi Octybar Joint Stock Company and the Rot Front Open Type Joint Stock Company have filed a Trademark Application No. 267652 as follows: The mark covers almond confectionery; boiled confectionery; cachou [confectionery], other than for pharmaceutical purposes; chocolate confectionery; chocolate… Read More ›