Swiss Military

Israel Trademark Application Number 278777 is the national phase entry of International Trademark No. 1232972 filed under the Madrid Protocol. The mark is shown above. The Application covers Watches of Swiss origin in class 14 and was submitted by Chron… Read More ›

Lactovit and Lactofil

Israel Trademark Application No. 249389 for Lactovit was submitted by Laboratorios Genesse S.L. on 21 June 2012. The application covers Soaps, gels, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, lotions for hair and skin care, creams for hair and skin care, and dentifrices in… Read More ›

Competing Certification Marks

CERTIFIED INTERNAL AUDITOR מבקר פנימי מוסמך מטעם לשכת המבקרים הפנימיים – ישראל This ruling relates to certification marks. It has ramifications for marks for the word Kosher and the like. The background is a fairly common occurrence where a local… Read More ›

Ketchup Wars

Heinz has removed the Hebrew transliteration of Ketchup from bottles of their iconic sauce. The reason? Israel has a standard for Ketchup that Heinz doesn’t come up to. Specifically, Israeli Ketchup contains a higher percentage of tomato extracts than Heinz’… Read More ›