Sleepless in Seattle?

The International Trademark Association (INTA) hosts a party conference every year, where approximately 10,000 patent and trademark attorneys work hard swapping business cards in the hope of generating work. This year, the conference runs from 19 May 2018 to 23 May 2018. Shavuot,… Read More ›

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Over the past decade, I have  travelled to the United States and am discovering this fascinating continent, State by State, conference city by conference city with INTA. I’ve visited Boston (2010), San Francisco (2011), Washington (2012), San Diego (2015) and now Orlando. I… Read More ›

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Hot and Humid is the best description of INTA Hong Kong. I found myself wilting. The Exhibition had the usual range of software and renewal providers, search engines and publishers, but also some stalls for IP firms from various countries,… Read More ›