My Cloud

Western Digital filed Israel Trademark No. 254600 for “MY CLOUD”.  The Application covered: Computer software, including firmware and mobile applications, used to connect and manage networked devices for remote access, back-up, sharing and syncing of documents and files stored on,… Read More ›

Booking.Com is a web-based hotel booking website, as anyone who is looked into booking hotels over the Internet will be aware. They have a great domain name, use website traffic promotion tools and, since they get a lot of traffic,… Read More ›

J-Date swipes at J-Swipe

There are well-defined groups of Jewish singles looking for partners. In traditional society, the match-maker paired up potential partners, and made his/her living from so-doing. In the wider society, friends and acquaintances suggested that people who seemed compatible should meet…. Read More ›

Tel Aviv Court Refuses to Endorse Out-of-Court Settlement Between Service Providers and ISPs requiring that the ISPs Block Site Offering Software for Facilitating Downloading of Copyright Protected Material

ZIR”A Organization for Internet Copyright LTD, United King Film Distribution 1990 LTD, DVS Satellite Services 1998 LTD, Hot Telecommunications, Keshet Transmissions, The Noga Net LTD and Noga Telecommunications LTD sued Anonymous, Bezeq International LTD, Partner Telecommunications, 012 Smile Telecommunications LTD,… Read More ›

Madonna’s Apples

CNN broke a story over the weekend about a woman who has  had to copyright her breasts in response to revenge porn. It seems that she enjoyed a long distance relationship and sent her significant other ‘selfies’ that would perhaps… Read More ›