Totachi Kougyo Co ltd submitted Israel Trademark Application Number 277424. The Application was in classes 4, 7, 9, 11 and 12 and is shown alongside. The Application is the national phase of an International Trademark under the Madrid Protocol. On… Read More ›

Dummy Targets and Decoys

This ruling relates to claim construction and permissible amendments. Israel Aircraft Industries submitted Israel Patent Application Number 190197 titled “Method for Performing Exo-Atmospheric Missile’s Interception Trial”  back in March 2008.  The application was first filed in Israel and does not… Read More ›

From Genesis…

“Effec-tiv”  Leadership Creation, Organization Development and Training Ltd submitted Israel Trademark Application Number 23991 shown alongside for Education in class 41. The text of the mark in the Assyrian text that is printed in blue on the stone  says “Leadership… Read More ›