This decision related to a request to cancel a trademark registered in Israel by a third party, allegedly with bad faith. The case is complicated by the fact that parties in question live in the Palestinian Authority and have registered… Read More ›

Bad Boyfriend

Bad Boyfriend LLC owned Israel Registered Trademark No. 241702 for BAD BOYFRIEND. The mark covers cosmetics, soaps, perfume, fragrances, non-medical skin and face formulations   and hair formulations. The trademark application was submitted in October 2011 and allowed on 31 December… Read More ›

Swiss Global Bags

Israel TM Application No. 298426 is for a stylized trademark for Swiss Global Bags as shown alongside. The mark covers bags, handbags, women’s and men’s handbags, backpacks, , purses, cases, travel baggage, all in class 18. The application was submitted… Read More ›

Dr Kong Footcare

On 12 April 2017, Dr Kong Footcare Ltd (a Singapore Company) submitted Israel trademark application no. 293436 which is a stylized mark for Dr Kong with a footprint. The mark is shown alongside. The mark covers clothing, footwear, head-coverings, soles for… Read More ›