Kappa Costs Capped

Israel Trademark Number 213924 to the Karelia Tobacco Company is for the word mark KAPPA and covers Cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products, lighters, matches and smokers requisites; all included in class 34. Basic Trademark S.A. who own the well-known Kappa… Read More ›

Old Jaffa Again

The Council for Producing Plants and Their Marketing owns rights in the word Jaffa as a geographical application of origin.¬†They successfully opposed Israel trademark application numbers 220541 and 220542 and prevented it from issuing. Israel Trademark Application Numbers 20542 and… Read More ›


Tijuana 96 SL filed Israel trademark application number 235921 for Aro. Ara AG filed an Opposition Proceeding, and Tijuana abandoned the mark. Ara requested real costs of 3,245.6 Euros and provided affidavits and other evidence to support this amount. In… Read More ›