CVC Financial L.P. (A Texan Limited Partnership) owns  Israel Trademark Number 197759 for Zbang. The mark covers drinking water, soda pop, fruit juices and energy drinks; all included in class 32. Food Leader LTD filed a cancellation request based on… Read More ›


  Biosensors Europe applied for Israel trademark Nos. 239619 and 239622 for BIOMATRIX”. An Israel company called Biomatrix LTD opposed the registrations. The companies came to a coexistence agreement under Section 30 of the Trademark Ordinance, but the Deputy Commissioner… Read More ›

Kappa Costs Capped

Israel Trademark Number 213924 to the Karelia Tobacco Company is for the word mark KAPPA and covers Cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products, lighters, matches and smokers requisites; all included in class 34. Basic Trademark S.A. who own the well-known Kappa… Read More ›